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September 2022 Declaration Postcard

  • $1.00

In the month of September, God is calling His people back to intimacy with Him above all else. He is shaking away distractions and bringing His people back to pure-hearted devotion. God is releasing fresh vision and purpose for people’s lives. He  is pouring out divine strategy and supernatural solutions to problems and difficult situations. Now is the time to take bold steps of faith and begin new endeavors, as the Lord leads. Embrace the vulnerability of the unknown, be authentically yourself, and take risks in following God–for He is with you! 

Read more of what God is saying over the month of September here.

This postcard comes with five meaning-filled declarations to inspire and encourage your heart this month. 


  1. I am coming back to intimacy and reconnecting to the heart of God
  2. God is revealing to me His divine plans and purpose for my life.
  3. God is releasing easy solutions for the problems in my life! 
  4. I am taking bold steps of faith as I follow God!
  5. I live in complete authenticity and vulnerability!