Mission Statement

We call forth identity, purpose and destiny in everyone.

Our pieces provide a way for us to connect with truths about ourselves, promises we are believing for, and our destiny as it unfolds.  

God believes that you are loved, beautiful and strong, and we do too.  Wearing our jewelry connects you to the heart of the Father, that we all might know who He says we are.

Vision Statement

We are a family of like-minded creatives who value beauty, integrity, and calling forth the gold in others.

We believe in the doing the right thing even when it’s a sacrifice.

We believe in world transformation starting from within.

We believe that no one has to be a victim of circumstance—we were each created to be powerful and with our words we have the ability to transform the world within us and the world around us.

We value the Voice and Presence of God above all else.

Core Values

The Crowning Jewels

we believe in world Transformation, starting from within

we live under an open Heaven.

we Encourage others and see the best in them.

we believe in each other's dreams and we Champion one another

we Rejoice with those who rejoice and we mourn with those who mourn.

we fight for One another.

We are family and we support one another

we believe that Nothing is impossible

we do all things with Integrity

we declare that all of our Needs are met above and beyond anything we could dream

we believe in others and call out the Gold in who they are

we embrace the Journey every time

we accept Each other as we are

We are big dreamers

we live from abundance, there is always Enough (even when we can't see it)

we build a culture of Loyalty, honor, and respect

We believe there is a Solution to every problem