How is your jewelry made?

We have a highly trained team of jewelry makers! We partner with Holy Spirit in designing and creating each piece. Therefore, no two pieces are exactly alike. This is part of what makes our jewelry special.  Because we hand-stamp each letter on every piece, the texture, evenness, and darkness of the words may vary from the pictures.

Each charm has a unique story to tell. Every charm contains symbolism: some meanings come directly from Scripture while others are Holy Spirit inspired. Moreover, all of our antique watch-faces come from individual watches; therefore each piece is unique.

What is your jewelry made of?

Our jewelry is made of mixed metals because the metals have different meanings to us. The gold represents the gold that's in all of us. The silver represents being refined by fire. The bronze represents strength. Most of our components are sterling or 24 karat gold plated pewter while most of our chains are gold or silver plated brass. While our jewelry does not contain nickel directly, it is manufactured in a facility that uses nickel. Therefore we cannot guarantee that anything is 100% nickel free.

Moreover, because our jewelry is plated, the plating can wear off over time. Please avoid regularly exposing your jewelry to water.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love our international friends and we ship all over the world!

A few things you should know before you place your international order:

  • International shipping is $16.

  • Your package may incur additional customs charges or taxes upon receipt. We are not responsible for any additional charges you may receive due to your country's laws or taxes.

  • Because one of our core values is integrity, we list the retail price of your jewelry for customs when we ship.

  • When available, we will provide you with tracking information; however, tracking is not always available. Moreover, we are unable to refund orders that are delayed or do not arrive due to the nature of international shipping.

  • Occasionally international orders experience delay. Please contact your local post office prior to contacting us. Quite often, a delayed item is being held in customs or at the local post office. We do everything we can to help track delayed shipments.

What are your shipping, return, and exchange policies?

  • We accept returns and exchanges in the same condition as merchandise was purchased, up to 30 days from the date of purchase with receipt/order number.

  • Items without receipts/order numbers are eligible for exchange only.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of shipping if an item needs to be returned/exchanged.

  • Because they are one-of-a-kind and customized for you, Bespoke and Heaven Inspired pieces are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Defective merchandise may be eligible for complimentary repairs up to 60 days from the date of purchase through a repair consultation with our jewelry maker. In this case, we will cover the cost of shipping.


  • Please check and double check your size. Measure your wrist size and ring size.

  • Bangles only come in one size. Please measure your wrist when ordering a bangle.

  • If you need to exchange a charm bracelet for a different size, there's a $20 alterations fee as we make each piece to order. We have to recreate the whole bracelet with additional/fewer links if the size is wrong.

I want to customize a piece of jewelry. Do you create custom orders?

Yes! Please refer to our Bespoke Designs Page for all customizable jewelry options.

Please note: while we love to work with you to create a piece that is special and meaningful to you, for brand identity purposes, we will design the piece for you. This means that we do not take orders for every specific part of the piece you want (specific tags for the words to be stamped on, specific chains, specific connectors and specific charms). We will allow you to include one or two personal preferences, and you can reference a design you like in your order notes, but we will create the final design of the piece, with your input on what meanings are significant to you. We love to design with your input as to what words and charms are important to you, so you have a piece you are very happy with.

I only wear silver/gold. Do you do all silver or gold jewelry? Can I switch the tag or chain out to do this?

We intentionally mix the gold and silver in most of our pieces, and we love to keep it that way! We understand many people aren’t used to wearing mixed metals but they are part of what makes our brand unique.

To us, mixed metals are highly symbolic. Gold represents the gold found in everyone while silver represents being refined in fire. Together, they are a holistic picture of the extraordinary value each one of us carries and the time and care God takes in pulling out our beauty! Mixed metals are an important part of our brand identity and we love what it represents! Because of this, we don’t alter our mixed metal pieces to be one color.

Can I design my own piece of jewelry?

For the purpose of our brand's identity, and to make sure we love all of the designs we are selling, only our designers create and design The Crowning Jewels jewelry.

We are happy to create something special for you with the words and charms that have personal meaning to you from the range of our designs! We will allow you to include one or two personal preferences, however you cannot design your own piece. This is for brand identity, so that we love and are proud of every piece that we sell! Trust our highly qualified design team to lovingly create a beautiful and artful piece of jewelry for you.

Can I just buy a charm or a word by itself?

We don’t sell our charms or tags separately, but you can order a piece with the words and charms that are meaningful to you on it.

I have sensitive skin. what is your jewelry made of?

Most of our components are silver or 24 karat gold plated pewter while most of our chains are gold or silver plated brass. While our jewelry does not contain nickel directly, it is manufactured in a facility that uses nickel. Therefore we cannot guarantee that anything is 100% nickel free.

I love this piece, I just want to change one thing! Can I change the chain on my necklace or add a charm/word to a piece of jewelry?

Our designers have carefully and lovingly created each of the pieces we offer, therefore we do not accept changes or additions to our previously made jewelry.

However, you are welcome to order a more customized piece of jewelry via our Bespoke Designs Page and you can reference a style you like in your order. From there, our designers will create a beautiful piece uniquely for you.

I am a boutique owner! Do you wholesale your jewelry?

Yes!  Please fill out our wholesale form at and we will be in touch with you regarding the next steps!

Do you create special designs for conferences and events?

Absolutely! We love to have the privilege of designing specific pieces for your event! You can contact us, letting us know the details and dates of your event. Please give us a minimum of six weeks to create a special collection for your event.

Oh no! My chain broke! What should I do?

You can fill out the return form in your account and we can look it over and approve it.

If it has been less than 60 days from the day that you purchased it, we are happy to give you a complimentary repair! After 60 days we charge a small fee to fix it.

I’m so excited for my piece of jewelry! How long before I’ll get in it in the mail?

We're excited you're excited! Normally, it takes us approximately 5 days to get an order shipped out, especially if it's a Bespoke piece or a Heaven Inspired. We mail all of our domestic via USPS Priority and packages typically arrive within 3-7 days. For our international packages, we mail via USPS First Class and packages take approximately 7-21 days to arrive. For Priority Express, packages take 1-3 days, usually it’s overnight delivery.

My package hasn't arrived and it's been a long time since I ordered!

Don't panic! This happens sometimes, especially with international orders. Here are a few Things you can do before contacting us:

  1. Check the tracking information on your package; you should've received this number in an email. This will clue you in on the location of the package.

  2. Contact your local post office. Sometimes international packages get delayed in customs or held up at the post office.

  3. If you're still unable to track down a package or says it's been delivered, contact us and we'll fill out a missing mail form with USPS on your behalf.

I love your Bespoke Inspired Monthly prophetic pieces! When do you release them?

We are glad you love our Bespoke Inspired pieces! We release a new piece on the first of each month. After that day, we no longer offer the previous month's piece. Check back at the beginning of each month to see what God is saying to us that month and the piece we have created for it!