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January 2023 Declaration Postcard

  • $1.00

In the month of January, God is asking for a simple “yes.” In giving Him our “yes,” He is taking our weakness and leading us to victory. He is asking us to trust Him with the giants before us and surrender all impossible situations to Him. We are to step out in boldness and courage and take ground for the Kingdom of God. God goes before us and He is the one to whom the victory belongs. God is bringing advancement to His people. We simply need to step out in obedience and trust in the One who brings the victory! This is the moment for boldness and trust!

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of January by clicking here.

This postcard comes with five meaning-filled declarations to inspire and encourage your heart this month. 


  1. I am giving God my full “yes.”
  2. I am trusting God with every giant in front of me.
  3. I am stepping out in boldness and courage!
  4. God is opening doors before me and I am advancing the kingdom of God.
  5. God is using my weakness for His glory and for my victory!