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  • "It was the encouragement I needed to get me off the steep cliff of hopelessness and words that will continue to echo over my life for eternity. I absolutely love this company and each of the pieces I have are so precious to me! The words that have been spoken over my life have impacted me in ways I can’t even explain."

    - Ashley

  • "They have replaced all my ‘ordinary’ jewelry I used to wear, and each day I look at the few pieces I have and ask my heart what I need that day. It’s amazing at how quick my heart and spirit connect with a specific piece each day."

    - Karissa

  • "For months the Lord had been speaking to me a very specific word, so I was not at all surprised when my Heaven Inspired necklace arrived with the very word etched on it that I had been hearing the Father speaking to me. This is not just jewelry. It is a wearable reminder of the goodness of our ever-present God"

    - Cheryl

  • "Totally not what I expected to hear, but exactly what I needed to point my heart back to my Heavenly Father. Thank you for making timeless pieces that speak truth and remind me of the deep, deep love of God!"

    - Krista

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Find your confidence. Live your dreams. Embrace the peace of knowing who you truly are in God.


It's time to confidently walk in ALL God has called you to become.

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“I chose to put “Beloved” on the first piece I ever made. That word was the constant reminder I needed most in that season. Our hope is that you too find a piece that brings the truth and breakthrough you need.” ANNE JACKSON, FOUNDER

Reminding people of their identity in Christ since 2013.