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We Are Love | December Monthly Blog

We Are Love | December Monthly Blog

| Anne Ballard

In the month of December, God is partnering with us to take back that which has been stolen from us.  Love is playing a powerful role in changing the world.  God is speaking in new ways through dreams, and in the midst of major transition, there is an invitation to trust even more.

Taking Back What Is Mine  

The body of Christ is being unified with a fierce confidence on the frontlines of battle.  Together, standing arm in arm,  believers are rallying and taking new ground, aligning with God’s purpose.  The disunity, divisiveness and polarizing fallout from recent racial, political and violent events has attempted to quell God’s mission on the earth, specifically within His Bride.  The stakes in this battle are very high, and everything could be lost, but God is invested in this fight. Ephesians 6.12 boldly declares, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” The enemy has attempted to steal many things that are precious to us,  but God is saying ‘No more!’  
Five specific areas (mountains) that the enemy has tried to steal: 

  • Creativity and the Arts: freedom in creating (influenced by the fear of man and the fear of being politically incorrect)
  • Media: truth, which has become a commodity traded to the highest bidder and hidden when convenient
  • Government: 
  • righteousness and honor

  • Family: 
  • family unity, marriage, purity, and prodigal sons and daughters

  • Business: 
  • abundance, success and profit


 We as the body of Christ are moving from glory to glory, and hope (the joy-filled belief that good is coming) is the fabric of our lives.  We are different than the world because we make up the kingdom of God, manifesting righteousness, peace, and joy always.  We must know what our birthright is in order to claim and take back what is ours by inheritance.  God is fighting for us, standing with us, and beckoning  us to rise up.  




We are Love   

Love is a choice.  It  is an action; it is not a feeling.  It is inconvenient and impractical and it defies logic, rules and protocol.  It is especially challenging in the face of fear, but the gift is worth the sacrifice.  Real love doesn’t make sense and is supernatural.  Love heals both the giver and the recipient.  When we choose love, we are releasing heaven on earth.  Love will save the world.  Our words matter.  Our choices and our actions change things.  Outcomes and lives are re-written when we choose love - when we choose love over being right, when we choose love over being safe, when we choose love over being first.  If we believe our words matter, then our words need to match our beliefs and our actions need to follow.  Integrity is living in congruence.  Every step is crucial.  Loving your neighbor as yourself means that we have to first love ourselves.  It means that we need to pick up self-compassion and lay down our list of sins.  We are unable to ever fully receive love until we are able to love who we are, in this moment.  Layers upon layers of society are affected and changed by your choice to love.  Your children will reflect what you model to them, and you have the power to rewrite your family’s legacy by making the choice to love.  Dare today to courageously love.




Supernatural Revelation  

Watch for God to speak in new ways through dreams and visions.  Dreams will be speaking specifically to what is happening in the spiritual realm.  Keys of understanding and revelation will come with the dreams and visions to unlock their meaning. The understanding you receive will deliver a specific way to pray into what God is doing, and even action-steps to partner with Him in the natural.  



Fearless Trust 

There is major transition happening corporately right now on a global scale.  Relationships, positions, and circumstances are being shaken suddenly.  It is necessary for the realignment, repositioning and reconciliation that God is orchestrating.  The key to surviving this time of transition is trust.  So often in transition we want to cling to what we have known and the the life we were  comfortable with.  The old is gone and the new is here.  In order to trust God with what He has for us, we must position ourselves in a place of complete submission and utter assurance in His plan.  The physical picture to capture this would be to release our hands from what we were holding onto and opening our hands to receive what He now has for us.  We cannot receive the new if we’re clinging to the way things used to be.  In the midst of this change, there is an invitation to trust others, as well as God - specifically to trust those who are different from us.  By reaching across the aisle and joining hands with those that have walked a different path than we have, freedom will be released.  




December’s Declarations

  1. I am taking back what is mine.
  2. Love will save the world and I choose love.
  3. I am advancing victoriously with fierce confidence.
  4. God is speaking to me in new ways.
  5. I am unafraid as I’m never alone.  

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