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My daughter loves this necklace 😊

Love this necklace!

I love my necklace and the word that is inscribed on it. I also enjoy the daily affirmations sent to my email!

Wonderful gifts

I've given many of the necklaces and bracelets as gifts and they are always so meaningful to the recipient because they are personal.

Thank you!!! We love to make giving gifts meaningful, beautiful and spiritually significant.

Heaven Inspired Rectangle Keychain

Such a great gift for the men and women in our lives!

Heaven Inspired Soco Necklace - Silver
Rosangely Guzman D01-385244
So happy!

I gave this as a gift and the word that was sent was so spot on for the person who received it, not to mention that the piece was beautiful. Cant wait to buy one for myself

Thats so amazing! So happy to hear that it was so meaningful and such a powerful gift!

Love love love my necklace. It’s me to a tee!! Thanks so much!! Beautiful and great quality!

We are so glad this resonates with you! Thank you for your support!



Thank you for the encouragement!

Great gift! She loved it!

This precious jewelry was a gift from God for my daughter at graduation. The necklace is beautiful and the message, straight from God.

What a special time in her life! SO blessed we could be a part of this. God is so good!

I love the necklace and bracelet! A beautiful way to remind yourself and others of God's promises.

Yes! He is faithful to His promises.

Every piece that I have purchased has been a blessing and beyond.

We are so blessed to hear that! That is why we do what we do!

Spot on

I ordered a Heaven Inspired Isana Bracelet for a friend's upcoming 50th birthday. I included a few pertinent characteristics of recipient. The words "known & loved" moved me to tears. They are perfect for my friend!

Belinda! We are so pleased to hear how this gift was cherished. We love when the Lord speaks!


The necklace is so beautiful and the prayer with it, is so uplifting. I keep it with me always and read it when I need a reminder.

This is exactly why we do what we do! We all need to be reminded and stay encouraged through every season!


The recipient said it was the best gift she has ever received!! <3

Wow! It is our honor and all glory to Jesus!

Gift Cards
Annamarie Poskey
Great gift!

I was thrilled to receive a gift card for Crowning Jewel!! I look forward to the piece the Holy Spirit leads me to!!

Yes, we are excited to create a special piece for you!

very nice necklace

I appreciate the gift of prophecy- and this Heaven Inspired necklace as well.

Thank you Holy Spirit for moving! Glad you love your necklace!

Gift Cards
Anna T.
Excellent value

The opportunity to purchase a gift card is such a bonus because when I saw an item I really wanted I could purchase it immediately. The Crowning Jewels has such amazing jewelry with faith expressions that resonate deeply.

So glad you used your gift card for the right time. We love to keep the gift card sales coming!

Gift Cards

Came instantly, easy to give, and easy to redeem.

We try our best to make every order on time for that special event or person! Thank you!

Gift Cards
Linda Joy Johnson
Gift cards are the perfect gift!

I absolutely love purchasing gift cards! With so many wonderful options available, it can be challenging to decide upon the best present. The ability to provide the perfect gift is a tremendous blessing! The discounted price stretches the purchase power making it even better!

We are so happy top hear how this works for you!

Beautiful necklace

This was a gift for Mothers Day and I love it!! I wish the chain was a little longer but that was a quick fix

Yay! Moms deserve the best, so glad she loved it! We sell extensions if that ever happens again where you would like it longer. Just let us know!


My pieces are always beautiful and my word is always straight from God!

God is good, He loves to speak to His children.

Truly a gift from God

I came across your Heaven Inspired collection at a time when I needed a glimmer of hope more than I can say. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical because I’ve been in difficult season for some time and God has felt distant, but I decided to give it a try and hope for the best.

When my package arrived, I prayed before opening it, telling God I was ready for whatever He had to say, that I wanted to feel His presence, and that I would be able to know if this gift was truly meant for me.

At 1:11 I opened the pink package (side note that pink is my favorite color :)). I couldn’t even make it through the first sentence of my letter without breaking down. I mean all-out ugly cry. It was the exact message I needed and could’ve never imagined I would receive — truly no one would’ve known but God. It was a vision of my past self and for my future self that I’ve had throughout my life but never said aloud to anyone.

I felt so seen. After a very hard season of life, God made it clear that He is still there and He still sees me. I might feel broken, like I have lost myself and my path, but He let me know loud and clear that I am still His child. And He is fighting for me.

The folks at the Crowning Jewels blessed me more than words can say. This gift from God through their hands is truly one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. I’m not sure yet exactly how this message will be fulfilled in my life, but I now have the first step in starting to find out — hope. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Wow! Look at God! We are so moved to hear your story! It's true, Jesus always comes in at the PERFECT time and never leaves us nor forsakes us! We are so loved by Him. Thanks for sharing!

A touching gift!

I had this beautiful necklace made for my mother in law and another made for my daughter in law’s birthday. Both were perfect! Each of my daughter’s will receive one on their birthday this year. They are SO excited to receive their personal message from the Lord to stand on.

We are so honored that you chose us to celebrate these special woman in your life! We hope they are blessed!

Beautiful bracelet. A little on the large side.

Hi Kelley,
You can always send us back the bracelet so that way we can adjust it to your liking!

May 2024 Declaration Postcard

Didn’t receive this in my order but they are working to make it right

Heaven Inspired Spring Gift Box

Beautiful bracelet. A little large.

Hi Kelley! We're so sorry the bracelet size is a little large, we can make adjustments to that for you if you would like! We have returns for that purpose and are happy to help make that fit to your liking.