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Fully Known Stud Earrings

  • $20.00

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Be the first to write a review

You are known and loved by the God of the Universe. There is not part of you that God has neglected or finds surprising. You are deeply known and He loves you outrageously! As you wear these earrings, remind yourself of His unfailing love in your life. Let the color of pink be a reminder of your innocence, childlikeness and purity.

Colors & Meanings

  • Heart: you are known and loved by God
  • Pink: innocence, childlikeness, and purity 


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel posts.
  • Plant-based acetate acrylic
  • Made in the USA
Based on 194 reviews
Gift Cards
Lisa Shelton

Powerful messages. God ordained


I adore my bracelet. I'm 100% a jewelry girl, and I was very pleased with the quality of my piece. However, it was the word inscripted on it and the card that came with that brought tears to my eyes. The word was "Daring", and the title of the message was "Burn the Ships". At the time, I was at a crossroads, not sure which way to go. The message and the bracelet actually helped confirm my decision I had to make. God uses all things to speak to His children; this time, He used a bracelet and a note card. The Crowning Jewels is a true implement of the Father. I will definitely be purchasing more beautiful pieces from this company.

Beautifully made and spot on prophetic words!!!

I bought these as an end of year gift for some coworkers and the words for each one were so spot on and impacted the team in such a big way! The jewelry is so well made and is definitely something I would purchase again!

Love this necklace

I gave this piece to myself for Mother’s Day. The word given was bold and is spot on to this season I am currently in!

So inspired as always

I always buy these as gifts when the Lord prompts, and not one has ever missed the mark. In fact, each has been so intimately connected to the recipient, there are always tears. I treasure these pieces of jewelry and love giving them away.

Set Free

I love my set free necklace and the declaration it came with! Jesus is setting me free from anxiety and panic attacks and it is the perfect reminder to hold on to the promise of healing and wholeness when I feel panic trying to set it.

Gift Cards
Elizabeth Villarreal
I love by Heaven Inspired prophecy necklace!

I have been blessed beyond measure by my heaven inspired necklace. This is the fourth one I have bought for myself, and every prophecy has been inspiring and encouraging and has helped me navigate my life following Jesus!

Myra Necklace

This is my 6th time ordering a necklace or item from Crowning Jewels for a gift. As always the piece was perfect for the person receiving the gift and was truly a beautiful necklace. Love this jewelry and the powerful meaning behind each piece!

Perfect Gift! Spot on every time!

I have received and have friends who have received these necklaces and the words spoken over the individuals are exactly in line with their current season of life! So inspiring and Encouraging!!

Monthly subscription

I always love my monthly heavenly inspired pieces, they are always exactly what I need- sometimes confirmation, sometimes it’s just simply encouraging but they’re beautiful and classy and I’m so grateful I decided to sign up for them monthly

New Season

I ordered a bracelet for a close friend who is moving this week…..the prophetic word was so spot on… was the perfect gift and she loved it❤️


Both my daughter and daughter in law loved the earrings. My daughter in law was truly touched by the anchor chosen for her. She asked how I knew to which I answered I didn’t. They prayed. ❤️


The prophetic words made us both cry! I know you are hearing from the Lord & that you truly pray over us! Beautiful pieces!

Great gift

I bought this for my mom and she loved it. It was perfect and the word for her was amazing

Love the monthly subscription!

I look forward to this subscription every month! The pieces are always beautiful and of good quality and the encouraging word that accompanies them are always spot on for the receiver of these gifts. Thank you!

Heaven inspired

I have ordered multiple Heaven inspired pieces and it’s amazing how many times they say “what did you tell them”? “It’s like they are reading my mail”! God has blessed this group with words of knowledge and insight.

No weapon formed bracelet

I bought this bracelet as a gift for a friend who is going through a difficult season in her life. She loved the bracelet and every word written on the card.

Great Tumblers!

I bought two tumblers - one for my mom and the other for my mother in law - for Mother’s Day along with a necklace for each of them. They both were touched and brought to tears with the spot-on words they received, and they both told me that the beautiful tumbler reminds them of those promises each day. And their cold drinks stay cold on top of it! Great product!

Silver Sharon Bracelet

This was a gift for my mom. The symbol and prophetic words were spot on and she absolutely loves it!

beautiful piece

I have purchased several jewerly pieces from "The Crowning Jewel"for my wife. She has loved each individual piece for its uniqueness. The prophecies she has received with each piece has accurately reflected where she is with her journey with Papa.
There's almost as much anticipation for the handwritten prophetic word as there is to see the jewel piece that The Crowning Jewel has created .

Inspired Gold Vessel Candle
Meloni Brantley
Filled with fresh HOPE!!!

This is a beautifully fragrant candle with the scents of cool snowy air, sweet scent of roses, and woodsy for trees. I highly recommend!!!

All my hope is found in God!!!

This is a beautiful dainty necklace. I cried buckets of tears as I read the prophetic words that came with it and touched my heart deeply. I am so thankful for the Heavenly Inspired line of jewelry. Thank you TCJ!!!

To DREAM again!!!

I cried and cried as I read the prophetic words that God gave TCJ for me. The words were an answer to prayers I had prayed to God. This a beautiful bracelet and I so enjoy wearing it.

Lovely Gift

I have purchased a heaven inspired box now twice as gifts. The various prophetic words flowed together in a compatible way which was very cool. One of the boxes had multiple of the same kind of item in it which I was slightly disappointed about as I thought it would be different items.

Nile Bracelet

This is a lovely heavy weight bracelet. When I first opened mine, I was surprised, but should not have been. It was exactly what Holy Spirit had been whispering to me. The charm is an elephant representing that Abba Father never forgets His promises; what He has spoken will come to pass in His perfect time! I chose the one with the blue stones, as it is my favorite color. To me it represents peace and tranquility. The meaning on the website is rest and true friendship. These are themes Holy Spirit is saying over me and teaching me in greater measure. Love the jewelry as it reminds me of the LORD's instructions in Deuteronomy to tie the Words on their hands and foreheads, write it on the doorways and gates of their homes. Visual reminders are a blessing and an opportunity to share the Lord's goodness in the land of the living. I love that it also is a proclamation in the spiritual realm!