Anchor - My Hope is in God
Antler - Fighting For What Is Yours, Champion
Arrow - Bringing Heaven to Earth, Breakthrough

Bee - Community, Unity
Bird - Holy Spirit
Branch - Righteousness
Butterfly - Transformation, Process
Chrysanthemum - Truth
Clock - God's perfect timing
Compass - God’s Leading and Direction
Crest/Coat of Arms – Legacy, Heritage


Cross - Finished Work of the Cross
Crown - Royal Identity and Heritage
Crystal (gold circle) - Desires of Our Heart
Crystal Medallion - Victory
Daisy - Purity and Wholeness

Dove - Peace
Elephant - Remembrance
Feather - The Presence of God
Fleur-de-Lis - The Godhead
Heart - God knows you, Love

Helmet - Mind Renewal, the Mind of Christ
Hexagon - Coming together
Hummingbird - Anything is Possible
Key - Authority, Revelation
Labradorite - Light of the World

Leaf - New Season, Transition
Lily - God is your Provider
Lion - Courage, the Lion of Judah
Lock - Guard Your Heart
Medal - Badge of Honor

Owl -Wisdom
Pearl – You are Precious
Pyrite - Redemption
Rhinestone - The Glory of God, Authenticity
Ring - Covenant, Vow


Scarlet Cord - Risk
Shield - Faith
Seed - Promise of God
Star – Favor of God
Starfish - Multiplication and Acceleration, New Birth
Sword - Word of God, Authority
Tree - Abundant Life
Vine - Abiding

Watch Face - The Time is Now
Wing - Protection
World - The Nations