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Faith Moves Mountains bracelet

My boss had a suspicious result. I ordered the bracelet immediately and she absolutely loves it. Wonderful quality.

Incredible company and message! Necklace is gorgeous!

Amazing and incredibly touching and spot on!❤️

Monthly Subscription
charolett duncan
Monthly Subscriptions

I've been subscribed for probably 2 years or longer. Ive only kept 2 pieces for myself because they spoke to me. But. God trlls me who needs to hear this word or message. When they receive it they know its for them to receive. Its a ministry to edify us when we need a word the most.


Love the weight. Looks like solid gold. I wear it all the time. Worth the money.

2 in 1

I love this necklace. Most of the time I double it up, or wear it long. You will get 2 looks with this necklace.

Love it.

Very happy with all the products I purchased.

Great Product

The bracelet was beautiful and was received even sooner than expected.

Always an added bonus when we get to ship things out sooner than we expect! Enjoy the daily reminder and the beautiful bracelet!

Love this necklace! Very well made.

We're so happy you love it!

Heaven Inspired Pillowcase
Jacqueline Edwards
Heaven inspired pillowcase

I ordered this for my friend Connie ,,,, she was overjoyed with her gift & her word … thank you TCJ for once again being inspirational xxx

Thats so wonderful! We're happy to hear that Connie enjoyed your gift to her and that it meant so much.

Heaven Inspired Necklace

Such beautiful work and the letter to me about the word that was prayed over me was an absolute blessing to my heart! Haven’t taken the necklace off since I bought it and just bought one for my mom’s birthday.

Wow! The goodness just keeps spreading! We can't wait to pray for your mom!

Healed Paperclip Necklace
Maida Harbidyan

I keep getting compliments about it. I’ve been so obsessed with your jewels 💎

Thats so wonderful to hear it's been your new favorite necklace!

beautiful and perfect as always

Ive never been disappointed with any of the heavenly inspired pieces. I have ordered over 50 and still am amazed at them. Thank you for giving your talents to others with this company

Hi Anna! You have gotten quite a few! We're always so happy to pray over you, your friends, and family. We're blessed to have had the honor of speaking into your life in such a significant way!

Heaven Inspired Hardcover Journal


Another gorgeous piece and amazing customer service

Thank you!

What I prayed for!

Before I pressed the button to purchase my necklace, I asked that God would give me a tangible promise about a word He gave me a while back. When I received my necklace, it confirmed the word God gave me! I was so thankful and still am. I try to wear it daily as a reminder of that promise.

God is so amazing! He knew exactly what you needed to hear to be reassured of His promises.

Loaves and Fishes Necklace

I was very excited to get the necklace I ordered from you and at first was very happy with it. But it has been just over a month and the silver has turned dull looking. I was wearing it with 2 other silver necklaces that I wear all the time. I ended up taking it off and now it hangs on my necklace stand. I’m quite disappointed. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to “make it look new” again, I’m down for it. Thanks for reaching out to me for a review to get my opinion on it. I probably wouldn’t have written one otherwise.

Hi Lyn!

We would love to repair that for you! Please reach out to our customer service email where we can outline our steps for your free replacement! Anything that damages our products within the first 90 days is always a free replayment!

Confirmation gift

I prayed over this and the moment I read the message God gave to all I teared up. This is my birthday present to myself. Love the scripture based meanings and I look forward to what God has in store for me. Thank you for letting God use your company to bless me.

Happy Birthday! We love that your heart was to hear from God on such a special occasion. He is so good to meet us when we seek Him.

More than enough necklace

Really beautiful. My granddaughter loved it!

That's a perfect gift!

Joy is increasing daily

A few years ago, God told me to work on thankfulness. After several months, I noticed more joy in my life. I chose this bracelet to remind me of this. I wear it often! It is too long for me and I will have it shortened. Did not see on the website where there was an option to have it made for a smaller wrist, but was assured I could write that in.

We are so proud that you are growing in choosing thankfulness everyday. To answer your question, if you need it smaller you can always contact us through email with this request or specify on the notes area when placing your order.


I love unique jewelry, and this piece is outstanding! The Crowning Jewels took incredible care of me and specially created the necklace with a shorter chain, as I am a petite individual. The word etched on the pendant and the message sent were 100% led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your ministry!

Yay! So glad you love it! Yes, always ask if you ever have specifications and we will do our best to accommodate.

Love this bracelet and wear it all the time!

I love this bracelet because I have been praying for God to heal my paralyzed diaphragm and looking at it on my wrist is a constant reminder that God is truly with me and he will heal me!!

Amen! God still heals!

Beautiful earrings

The earrings are beautiful and the note and word I received were so special and really touched my heart.

We are so thrilled that you were encouraged.

HI Soco Necklace

I love it! I got it as a graduation gift for a friend's daughter. Both of the (my friend and her daughter) are delighted. The word you gave it her is spot on! Thanks so much!!

The Lord is good and loves to speak to His daughters. Glad we can help!

Love The Crowning Jewels

The Crowning Jewels jewelry and the word of encouragement is my favorite gift to bless others. This gift reminders them of who God says they are and showers love and blessing over them with the beauty of jewelry.

We are truly honored that you would choose us to help celebrate and bless your loved ones.