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Heaven Inspired Massah Necklace - Mixed

  • $165.00

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I had been thinking and praying about some specific things and when it came it was better than I had hoped and it addressed the areas I had been praying about. It was like a love note from Jesus.

Shari Aguilar
Beautiful necklace - great reminder to wear.

I’m amazed by the heavenly inspired words that come with the necklace. So worth the wait. Beautiful, encouraging, refreshing, and for me it was confirmation. God has gifted this company.

Absolutely beautiful!

This necklace is beautiful and so meaningful! The perfect Christmas gift for my mother



Handmade to hold words and charms that will encourage you and uplift you in this season, this long charm necklace is an inspiring way to keep hope and meaning close. 

When you order a Heaven Inspired piece, we pray over the name you include with your order and ask the Lord for a word that He's speaking over you (or the name of the person you're gifting). We then design your piece with hand-stamped surprise words and charms based on what we heard.  

This piece includes a personalized card explaining what we heard for you. The encouragement is free, and your keepsake piece of jewelry is a reminder that we believe will encourage you for years to come. 

How it works:

  1. Pick your favorite chain color (options: gold or silver)
  2. Fill in your name or the name of the person you'll gift the necklace to. 
  3. Submit your order
  4. We will pray for you or who you are purchasing this for and ask God what He is saying in this season
  5. Our designers then create a custom piece based on what we believe we've heard from God
  6. You then receive a one-of-a-kind necklace with a personalized, encouraging card explaining your words and themes
  7. Wear the necklace as a daily reminder of how God sees you and how loved you are!


  • Chain measures 32 inches 
  • Chain and elements are gold- and silver-plated
  • Necklace includes 3 tags and 4 charms
  • Includes 'The Crowning Jewels' logo tag with the word 'hope' on the other side
  • Made by hand
  • Includes a personalized card

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes...and no. Your piece will be the same style as the photos, but it will have unique charms and words for you. These are a SURPRISE that you won't see until you receive it!

    Yes, it is! Your card usually comes on a declaration postcard. The declarations go to everybody. But the message on the back, that's only for you. We prayed for you and wrote this card sharing what we heard in prayer.

    All our jewelry is gold and silver plated.

    While, no, there is no nickel in our jewelry. Some of the elements come from a factory that also sources nickel, so if your skin is extra sensitive, you might notice it.

    To maintain the beauty of your gold and silver-plated jewelry, avoid exposure to water and harsh chemicals. Store in a cool, dry place and polish gently with a soft cloth when necessary.